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Hey.  Happy Thanksgiving to some.  

So, things are entirely too quiet around here. There's been a lot of Broken Social Scene activity and there is a flurry to come these next few weeks and months.... and yet this community is dead!    

How many times have you guys caught a show on this tour?  Reviews? Pictures? Anything?
And now that we've had ample time to digest it, what do we make of Brendan's record? Has anyone seen the Bruce McDonald documentary?  ( http://www.exclaim.ca/articles/generalarticlesynopsfullart.aspx?csid1=119&csid2=844&fid1=30175 )

Has anyone caught a specific release date for the book? ( http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/news/45965-coming-in-2008-broken-social-scene-the-book )

Are there any Charles Spearin fans out there looking forward to The Happiness Project?  ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiRjpI-86To )

.....I caught two dates last week; Friday in St. Petersberg and Saturday in Pompano, FL. I'd have to say that of the many, many times I've seen this band, St. Pete was the worst set I've ever witnessed in terms of enthusiasm and energy. I love the venue (which is a medium-sized outdoor courtyard in the middle of the downtown area) They played in '06 and it was pure magic but this crowd was pretty young and exceptionally lame. I was literally dead front and center and the people around me weren't familiar with the Brendan material at all and were genuinely bored by a good portion of the songs. I just don't think you should be standing-against-the-railing close if you're going to text all night or talk about Emily Haines' outfit....especially considering Emily Haines wasn't even onstage! Ha. In fact the singer from Land of Talk, the opening band, tackled 'Anthems' and lent her voice throughout and apparently many people couldn't tell the difference.

Pompano was much livelier. The club was packed and everyone was really attentive.   ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXFW40fB3iQ )

I could go on and on.... but I'll wait and see if anyone has a pulse first.

 - Kelly

Broken Social Scene Presents: Brendan Canning

A message from Brendan Canning (via MySpace)

It has come to my attention that an unmastered version of my album has been leaked through the internet. With the retail release being six weeks away, I've decided to correct the situation by releasing the album digitally myself, because I can. So this is for all you early birds who just couldn't wait for July 22nd. But you know, it won't be like going to your favourite record shop and getting a copy in your hot little hands, or sitting in your basement downloading it to your iTouch phone while playing Grand Theft Auto, it merely corrects the situation that is...a messed up version of my record floating around on the internet, and this is not how I wanted my record to drop. Believe me, this is not a minor situation. We're talking recall here folks...With all of this in mind, please note: 'Something for all of us...' will be available at all fine retail and digital outlets in North America July 22nd with some additonal artwork inside and slightly later for the rest of the world.

Thank you all, please enjoy.


Gallery AC

Live at Harbourfront

Hey guys...new member here. I have a question about their Live recording @ Harbourfront from 2004 (i think).

Does anyone have a tracklisting?? There's an Apostle of Hustle song (Track 6) that is absolutely AWESOME and i'd LOVE to find it.

So if you've got the recording...help a fella out
I think it's almost crimes...

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I'm a genius and I somehow managed to delete way more than half of the music on my computer. I still haven't recovered everything, including the following BSS stuff. If anyone can help me out, I'd be SO grateful. Thank you so much!

any live bootlegs
All the Gods
New Country
Do the '95
Puff the Magic Dragon
any other BSS songs NOT on their 4 main albums and EP To Be You And Me

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Broken Social Scene finally played in singapore, where i have long awaited their coming!

set list was great, but i didnt know half of the songs played cause they played from kevin's album.
i dont remember the sequence it was done but they played

kc accidental
stars and sons
(half of) all my friends *kevin forgot the song*
im still your fag *apparently not played for a few years*
cause = time
ibi dreams of pavement
looks just like the sun
(the ending of anthems)
its all gonna break

then add in like 3 of kevin's songs in between the whole set.
it was a good enjoyable set. =))))

people who were playing: kevin drew, brendan canning, charles spearin, justin peroff, andrew whiteman, and sam (something. i cant remember his last name and i feel horrible)

got signatures from EVERYONE AHAHA, all over my first issue of you forgot it in people and feel good lost.

the feeling was incredible and i really enjoyed myself.