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Broken Social Scene, 9/21/10, Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA

Pacific Theme (!)
Texico Bitches
7/4 (Shoreline)
Fire Eye'd Boy
Forced To Love
All To All
Stars & Sons
Cause = Time
Sweetest Kill
Art House Director
Romance To The Grave
GUILTY CUBICLES (!!!!) into Superconnected
World Sick into Lover's Spit (Kevin solo at first, then "Let's sing it together here" with Brendan, Andrew, Charles, and one guy on saxophone [not sure who it was!])
Ungrateful Little Father
Kevin & Charles go into the audience for hugs... I would have loved a K.C. hug!
K.C. Accidental (Kevin forgot the lyrics 2x but finally got it right on the 3rd try after asking, "What's the next fucking line?!")

"Northampton Jam"
Looks Just Like The Sun (!)
Water In Hell
Meet Me In The Basement

A lovely, lovely evening spent with my favorite band.

PS. I'm so glad this is happening. Bought my copy tonight.

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