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The Broken Social Scene...Scene
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You've found your way to the first Broken Social Scene community on LiveJournal! Well, congratulations.

On with the informing.

Broken Social Scene is a Toronto-based band that has released four albums to date, 2001's "Feel Good Lost", October 2002's "You Forgot It In People", March 2004's "Beehives", and October 2005's "Broken Social Scene".

They use the term "band" loosely - there are a ton of 'em and they come and go. The collective is primarily made up of: Justin Peroff, Brendan Canning, Andrew Whiteman, Kevin Drew, Charles Spearin, John Crossingham, Emily Haines, Evan Cranley, James Shaw, Feist, Dave Newfeld, Jason Collett, Ohad Benchitrit, Amy Millan and Julie Penner.

This would be a fine place to discuss the band, tour dates, those elusive lyrics, and related romantic intrigue with like-minded fans. Anything and everything Broken Social Scene is welcome (yes, that means the satellite bands like Stars and Metric too).

***A note of warning: uploading, or posting links to uploads of, entire albums is NOT OKAY. There are plenty of communities where free (read: illegal) downloads can be obtained, but this isn't one of them. In keeping with our main purpose of supporting Broken Social Scene, Arts&Crafts, and friends, I encourage you to go out and help the artist by paying for their work. As a general rule, no more than four mp3s from a given album which is currently available for sale to the general public should be posted at a time. (This means posting a random track, a bootlegged live show, or a special edition EP which is no longer available is fine.) Questions or issues? Please just ask.

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